The Comparison of HP Omen 17 vs HP Pavilion Gaming 17

When you are looking for an HP gaming laptop, you will find several great options from this brand. At one point, you might be confused to choose between HP Pavilion Gaming and HP Omen since both are designed for gaming and offered at a pretty close price range.

HP Pavilion Gaming 17 vs HP Omen 17

Let’s make a comparison of HP Pavilion Gaming 17 and HP Omen 17 gaming laptops to find the best one of your choice.

a. Design and Build Quality

HP Pavilion Gaming 17 has a simple design in black with plastic materials. The weight of this laptop is about six pounds. The keyboard of this laptop comes in full size without RGB for the keys. There are green-lit keys instead. It comes with a horizontal plastic touchpad as well although it is a little bit narrow.

Meanwhile, HP Omen 17 is made out of all aluminum materials. That is why it can be considered one of the best HP gaming laptop options. Compared to last year’s Omen version, this design looks more subtle but the look of a gaming laptop can still be seen as well. It comes with brushed aluminum keyboards that can show fingerprints and smudges easily. It also comes with an Elan trackpad and enough space for six macro keys that can be programmed on the left. Do not forget about four zones of key lighting as well.

b. Display

HP Pavilion Gaming 17 comes with surprisingly good color accuracy for the display. However, it only has 60 Hertz that makes you unable to experience a high refresh rate when playing games. With the color accuracy of this laptop, you will find it comfortable to use for gaming as well as designing.

The display of the Omen 17 HP gaming laptop can be configured with two options. You can choose between the 4k IPS or 100p panel with 60, 144, or 240 Hertz. This laptop has pretty slim side bezels although you might find a thicker bezel area to place the webcam.

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c. Features

An Intel 10th generation is used for the processor of HP Pavilion Gaming 17 along with a graphic card of NVIDIA GTX. It also comes with up to 32GB memory and 1TB SSD storage. It can offer you good connectivity since it comes with Wi-Fi 6. You can find a full-sized HDMI port, USB 3.0, USB type-c port, and SD card slot on your left-hand side. Meanwhile, the barrel connector, two USB ports, and an audio jack can be found on the other side. Two speakers are planted on the top part of the laptop but the sound is narrow with no bass.

Meanwhile, the omen HP gaming laptop comes with RTX 2060 but it does not have G-sync. You can find an SD card reader, gigabit ethernet, HDMI 2.0, mini display port, a thunderbolt 3, and three ports of USB 3.1 Type-A. A great performance can be found since it also comes with 150W 200 and 115W 2070. Since the speakers do not have any subwoofer, the loudness is average and you will not get enough bass from the sound. This laptop comes with a mechanical drive with 1TB capacity and 7200 rpm speed that can make the laptop vibrate a lot, but fortunately, you can find some foam inside to reduce the vibration. You can monitor your system vitals through the command center on this laptop. It is also useful for managing the network speeds, configuring the assignment of macro keys, changing the lighting of your keyboard, and allowing you to choose the performance modes. The fans can be switched from the auto option to the max option.

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Both HP Omen and HP Pavilion Gaming seems to be popular entry level gaming laptops
HP have two gaming laptop series that are sold at reasonable price: HP Omen and HP Pavilion Gaming

d. Performance

You will find excellent performance from HP Pavilion Gaming 17since it comes with Intel i7 1070H combined with a processor from GTX 166TI Max-Q. What is Max-Q anyway? Compared to the GTX 1650, the Max-Q has 50% better performance. However, when it is compared with the GTX 1660TI that comes in full size, it has 15% less performance. That is why you can experience fantastic gameplay with this laptop since it can handle any game setting comfortably. But you can also choose the version with 10th generation Intel Core i5 10300H. This laptop also comes with great heat management and quiet noise.

The HP Omen 17 is considered a quiet gaming laptop although the fans’ sound can still be heard during the idle condition. The great thing is that the fans work great for cooling down the system. This laptop also comes with the Gamestream option that makes you able to stream your games from the laptop to another desktop or laptop that is sharing the same network. The reason why you want to buy an HP gaming laptop with the Omen model is that you can choose from three CPU options. There are Intel Core i5 9300H, Intel Core i7 9750H, and Intel Core i9 9880H.

e. Battery

Last but not least, we need to talk about the battery. HP Pavilion Gaming 17 only has a 52-watt hours battery. It means that you might need to charge your laptop after using it for four or five hours. Although it sounds like a pretty short battery life, it is still good enough considering the battery size and the price range of the laptop.

HP Omen 17 comes with a 200W battery and it will be used for powering a laptop with a 17 inches size display combined with GPU and CPU load. It might not be a good thing for the battery life of the laptop. However, it will not be a big deal if you just play a regular game. The battery life can be prolonged as well by adjusting the setting in the BIOS.

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You want to get HP Pavilion Gaming 17 because it comes with a sleek design and it is not noisy when running on load. However, you have to deal with the fact that it is made from plastic and it does not have Thunderbolt as well.

You will love the Omen HP gaming laptop because of its great performance of CPU and gaming experience. It also comes with a beautiful display with 144 Hertz refresh rate. The keyboard is good as well for increasing your gaming experience. Unfortunately, the chassis of this laptop is made from broad plastic and you will not find per-key lighting on the keyboard.

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