Logitech G29 vs Thrustmaster T300

For competitive racing games lovers, having a gaming wheel is a must. It will give you the experience of racing in a real racing car. If you find a hard time choosing between Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300 RS, here are some comparisons that can help you make the best choice.

Logitech G29 vs Thrustmaster T300

We compared both most popular steering wheel controller. Check these comparisons

a. Specifications

First of all, we cannot make a comparison between both wheels for gaming before we know about the technical specifications of both wheels. Logitech G29 comes with 900 degrees rotation range and a gear-driven drive system. The wheel is made from steel and leather materials for creating a 27cm diameter of the wheel. It also comes with 256 pedal positions.

What about the Thrustmaster T300 RS? It has a 1080 degrees rotation range. The drive system of the wheel is driven by a dual belt. It is made from rubber materials of 28 cm diameter. You can find various pedal positions based on the model choice.

b. Build Quality

Now, we can talk further about the difference between both products, the Logitech gaming wheel has an outside layer made from leather that makes the wheel look very elegant. You might only find a few products that come with this value.

Meanwhile, the Thrustmaster wheel does not look as good as the Logitech product. It does not mean that it looks totally ugly. It is not poorly built as well. However, you can simply say that the Logitech wheel has a much better look than the one from Thrustmaster. However, since it is made from rubber, you can experience a great grip when playing. You can feel the professional experience as well.

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c. Design

After the build quality, we also need to talk about the design. Well, both cannot be separated from one another, after all. The build quality will be related closely to the design. You can already guess which one has a better design.

Yes, the Logitech G29 gaming wheel does not only look great but also feels great with its leather cover. You might feel that the design of the T300 RS looks less serious. However, you will not mind the look any longer when you start your racing game.

d. Force Feedback

When we are talking about the force feedback, it seems that the Thrustmaster T300 RS can be a definite winner. You can enjoy the very best experience when racing since the wheel is designed to give your driving experience that is almost similar to a Ferrari 599xx EVO. It is not just a talk. The force feedback from this product has the official license from Maranello. The force feedback is getting better because it comes with a brushless motor that is built into the unit. It means that you can enjoy a hyper-realistic experience when driving since the motor can deliver force feedback that is continuous and fluid. It has a much cheaper price than the luxury wheel levels but it still gives you an impressive driving experience. That is why it can be considered one of the best gaming wheel options.

Unlike the Thrustmaster T300 RS, the Logitech G29 delivers the force feedback by using gear. That is why sometimes you will feel notchy when driving the wheel. It will be a great problem if you want to use it for playing some competitive racing games.

e. Pedals

Of course, besides the wheel itself, we also have to talk about the pedals of the wheels for gaming. If you can get a wheel for gaming with better performance, you can improve your overall performance significantly when racing. Both come with decent pedals for racing games. Why? You can use the pedals and find that you are having fun since you can regulate the resistance and height of the pedals pretty easily. Unfortunately, both pedals do not have any clutch.

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f. Noise

The best gaming experience using the wheel cannot be separated from the noise. The noise will be associated with the force feedback of the wheel, after all. Since the Thrustmaster gaming wheel comes with a brushless motor, no matter how harsh the force feedback of the wheel is, you can enjoy it completely without having to worry that it will be noisy. It is still quiet when you try to play rally games as well.

Meanwhile, the wheel from Logitech will sound louder than the one from Thrustmaster. You might imagine a super noisy sound but it will not be that loud anyway. Sometimes you might be annoyed by knocking noises that can be found occasionally. When you are playing on the track, the noise will not be a big problem. The noise will appear when you try to rally.

Both Logitech G29 and Thustmaster T300 offer several benefits with a reasonable price
Logitech G29 and Thustmaster T300 are well-known steering wheel controller. These two are priced at a reasonable and affordable pricelist.

g. Other Considerations

Is there any other consideration to make when you try to compare Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300 RS? You must not forget to consider the compatibility. Logitech G29 is offered in two models. If you are a beginner in racing games using Xbox or PS4, you can find this option beneficial.

Meanwhile, the Thrustmaster T300 RS is made exclusively for PlayStation. You cannot use it to play on your Xbox unfortunately. However, the T300 RS is not only compatible with PS4 but also PS3. It means that you can play the older games with a fantastic experience using this wheel.

If you think that those wheels can only be used for console games, you do not have to worry at all. Both products are compatible with PCs as well. You can also enjoy the best racing gaming experiences on your PC.

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Bottom Line

So, which one can be a better choice of gaming wheel for you? It will depend on your preference, of course. If you are looking for a wheel that can make your gaming station look fabulous, you might want to choose the Logitech G29 since it has the best designs. The performance is great as well.

However, if you want to look for a wheel that can give you the best racing experience, you will find that the Thrustmaster T300 RS is a better choice. You will not care about the design any longer once the racing game is started anyway. Since it comes with a brushless motor, you will get wonderful play, immersion, and of course noise.

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