How to Make Android APK with Android Studio

How to make android apk with android studio? You can find information related with android studio when you search in some sources in the internet. Today in this modern era, people can do so many things by using technology. They don’t need to worry because they can save more time and more effort by using technology. People can be connected each other in easy way by using smartphone too. They can meet other people at long distances by using video call and some other ways. When we talk about smartphones then we can’t separate it from the operation system that is used in this smartphone. Most people today like to use smartphones that are supported with an android operating system. Before you know How to make android apk with android studio, you better know first what android studio is.

What is Android Studio?

Android studio is android’s official IDE. This integrated development environment is made in order to accelerate your android operating system and then help people to build the best quality app for all android’s devices. When you have it, you will find custom tools that you can use to make your android apk and there are some features that you can use such as testing tools, profiling tools, code editing tools, debugging tools, and some other tools.  In order to make apk by using android studio you need to know first complete information related with this Android’s IDE. You will be able to make an android apk in a fast way because there are some features that are offered to you like listed above. You need to know more about features of android studio one by one.

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Features of Android Studio

How to make an android apk by using android studio? You just need to be expert in using all features that are offered to you and you can create apk that you need for your android devices. What are some features that you need?

a. Apply Changes

This feature will help you to run app without restarting your app. It helps you to control all app in your android’s devices when you need to deploy ad make test small, make incremental changes when you preserve the current state of your android’s device. 

b. Intelligent Code Editor

Second feature that you can use is an intelligent code editor. It helps you to write better code and then work it faster. You can be more productive because you will get some other tools such as for advanced code completion, code analysis, and also refactoring. Android studio will provide you suggestion for dropdown list too. What you need to do is just simply pressing Tab to insert you code.

c. Android Emulator

Next feature that you can use is an android emulator. This emulator will make you easy to install apps in your android’s device in a faster time. You can also test your app on other android devices such as by using your Android wear, Android Tv devices, phones, tablets and some other things. For you who want to simulate hardware features, you can get it in an easy way. It is effective for you who often use GPS location, motion sensors, multi-touch input and also network latency.

d. Code Template

When you use this android studio, you will find project and code templates. It helps you to easily add all patterns such as for navigation drawer, view pager and some other things. You can also start to use a code template or right click an API to select sample code and get more examples.

e. Lintelligence

When you use android studio, you will be able to get a static analysis framework that will include more than 365 different link checks for your app. You will get quick fixes too that will help you to address issues for some many categories such as security, correctness, single click and performance of your android device.

f. Testing Tools

For all of you who use Android studio, you will be able to get extensive tools that help you to test android apps in fast time. By using Espresso Test Recorder you will be able to know more about your decision and then you can run your test on your devices. You can easily continue your task by using Firebase Test Lab too.

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There are so many people who like to use Android Studio because it builds without limitation. You who are created and you really need the best tool to use can choose to use this Android Studio to create your own apk for all devices. You can also eliminate some tiresome tasks in your android device because there are some features such as layout editor that you can use. You can also find APK analyzer feature and tool when you use it. So, How to make android apk with android studio? You just need to go to “Build” menu that you can find at the top of Android Studio and then choose “Build APK”.

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