How to Make Whatsapp Sticker

In this digital era, Whatsapp application has become the broadest communication platform for people all around the world. It is because WhatsApp is easy to install and use, even the older people could learn to utilize it faster than it was thought before. The most exciting thing about using Whatsapp as our daily communication tool is that we could utilize the Whatsapp sticker to express our thoughts and feelings toward our chat with other people or groups. At first, the stickers provided by Whatsapp are really limited and quite common. However, today, Whatsapp lets its user to create their own stickers to make the conversation through this application more real and pleasing. 

Make Your Own Whatsapp Sticker

Have you ever tried to make your own Whatsapp sticker? Well, if you search for the information about that, please read through this article to find what you are looking for. This article gives you information relating to make Whatsapp stickers so that you could place those stickers in your Whatsapp application. Before starting to create your sticker, there is something you need to know what to make the stickers, you have to install other applications outside the Whatsapp apps. It is because Whatsapp does not provide the facilities to create the stickers through the application. There are a number of applications you could find in the Google play store (for android users) that could be utilized to build the Whatsapp stickers. Although you will create stickers using other apps, please do not worry about the output stickers you want to produce whether it will compatible or not to your Whatsapp. All of the stickers produced from this application are all compatible and could be saved easily to your Whatsapp application. Okay, after downloading the other apps, you need to follow these steps.

1. Open the image

The first thing is you need to select the picture you want to address it as the sticker for Whatsapp from your smartphone. After selecting it, please open the image you have chosen for the Whatsapp sticker maker application. Usually, the toolbar has already been there, so you need to click open from the taskbar and choose the picture from your mobile phone. The image will show up into the application after you have chosen it.

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2. Erase the background or crop it

After the picture pop up in the sticker maker apps, the next thing you could do is erasing the background of it or crop the unwanted part of your image. By removing the background of the picture you have selected before, it tends to make your stickers alive in your Whatsapp chat rather than if you do not erase its background. But, if you think that using the background is enough for your stickers, then it is okay not to erase the background. This step is just an optional step to do, and it depends on you whether you want to delete it or not. 

3. Save the image in PNG format

The last thing you could before applying the stickers on your Whatsapp, you have to save the image in the PNG format. We should keep it in this format since Whatsapp only accepts this kind of format for the stickers. To create a Whatsapp sticker in a pack, you have to make three stickers at least. You can not make a sticker pack in Whatsapp if you have two stickers in your package. Therefore, please consider it if you want to add more stickers to your Whatsapp application. Finally, after saving it to the required format, you could find your DIY Whatsapp sticker inside your Whatsapp apps. It is easy, right? Now, you can try to make your own!

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