PXN V9, Is This Steering Wheel Controller Recommended?

Some gamers use PXN V9 because it is compatible with a variety of consoles, such as PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Indeed, compatibility is not the only reason why gamers use this steering wheel controller.

IS PXN V9 Recommended?

The detail below explains whether this steering wheel controller is recommended to use or not.

1. Wheel

PXN9 is one of the options if you want to have a realistic steering wheel controller design. The realistic design gives a more authentic experience while playing your favorite racing games. Thanks to the motors that trigger traction and resistance to the wheel.

It is the reason why you feel friction when you are turning this car wheel controller. At a glance, you will see a steering wheel controller with a traditional gaming pad setup. It consists of four cardinal buttons on the right, a D-pad on the left, and L and R triggers.

You will also see a function bar down the middle and six more buttons. There is also a red LED indicator to let users know when the controller is connected to the system. The manufacturer also supports this product with a built-in USB cable on the back.

You can even connect a headphone or two phone jack connections for attaching the pedals. The good thing is that you can turn this steering wheel up to 900 degrees which is the same as a real car steering wheel.

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2. Pedal

The pedal is another part you will get if you buy a PXN V9 steering wheel controller. Like the wheel, the manufacturer also sets the pedal as realistic as it can. You are about to get a 3-pedal system that is similar to a real racing car.

The pedals are for the clutch, brake, and gas. These pedals will only respond to foot pressure. Your foot seems to hit actual pedals which increases the realistic sensation. Some users think that the pedal system is pretty light.

It is better not to press down the pedals too hard or too quickly. This drawback may reduce the excitement of playing racing games. You can also place the pedals on a carpet or a mat because it has a good grip.

It is necessary to do it even if there are rubber strip cups on the plastic frame. The frame is pretty thin which increases a damage risk if you push it down too fast or hard. You will see a built-in cable on the back of the pedal base.

It is used to connect the pedals to the main steering wheel. The good thing about these pedals is their solid grip and good resistance. You can still play racing games comfortably without worrying that the pedals jiggling or loose transitions.

3. The Shifter

As the wheel and pedals, the shifter is also realistic. It serves you with two switches for Lo/Hi and the handbrake. The manufacturer wants to offer smooth and quick shifting while playing games by applying a 6 in 1 H joystick-style shifter. This part contains a standard phone jack connection for attaching it to the main wheel unit. All you have to do is plug it and you are ready to drive your virtual vehicle.

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4. Compatibility

PXN V9 became one of the most popular steering wheel controllers because of its compatibility. You can use this device for all existing consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, and PC. You even don’t need to do any sophisticated setup for a variety of consoles you want to use.

Connect the wheel setup to the system as any controller. All you have to do is connect the USB ports and press the center console button. How about if there is a problem while connecting the controller to the console? If the console is okay, it means that there is a problem with the controller. It makes this controller flexible for any racing game.

Games You Can Play with PXN V9

PC gamers can try this controller to play a variety of games, including Euro Truck Simulator, Truck Life, CTS, and Assetto Corsa. How about if you love to play racing games on Xbox? It is not a problem. Use PXN V9 Xbox 360 steering wheel controller to play Forza Horizon 4, Dirty 2.0, Forza Horizon series, and Project Cars 2.

PlayStation lovers can feel a new driving experience while playing Need for Speed 20, The Crew 2, GRID, or Project Cars with this controller. Nintendo Switch users will also feel a different sensation when they are using this controller to play Asphalt, Gear: Club Unlimited, Sonic Racing, or Mario Kart 8.

5. Size

You are about to use an approximately 280 mm x 285 mm x 340 mm wheel. The size of the pedals is approximately 400 mm x 380 mm, along with a 120 mm x 190 mm shifter. A package of this controller consists of a wheel, pedals, shifter, two clips, and five fixed suction cups. The strong and durable clips and cups prevent this controller from moving or jiggle when you are using it. You will also get clamps, screws, and a data cable in the package.

6. Warranty

You don’t need to get confused if there is a problem with the controller. The manufacturer supports you with a 12-month warranty. You will get a full replacement if anything is broken.

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7. Cost

The cost of this controller in one of the popular online stores is $169.99. The cost seems worth it since you get everything you need to use a steering wheel controller. You only have to connect all the systems and you are ready to use it to play your favorite racing games.


So, is the PXN V9 steering wheel controller recommended to use? Indeed, it is a recommended product to use for gamers. The best part is that this controller is flexible enough for all consoles. It means you can play racing games on different consoles with the same controller.

The model is also modest yet realistic enough. It increases the sensation that you are a real driver. You may have to be careful while using the pedals because they seem too thin. The cost is reasonable if you want to get comfort and a new experience while playing racing games.

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