Recommended DSLR Cameras for Beginner in 2021

Photography is one of the activities with many enthusiasts currently. This activity is indeed really interesting and refreshing. Even you can earn money from it. Therefore, it is reasonable if many people start to learn about it whether for hobby or professional purposes.

However, photography is not an activity that doesn’t require money at all. You even need to spend a lot of money to support it. Yes, you need a camera and other tools like additional lenses, tripod, and others. The camera itself is better to buy the qualified ones so that the results are not disappointing. One of the recommendations comes to the DSLR camera type.

5 Best DSLR Cameras for Beginner

The DSLR camera is a camera intended for anyone, beginners to professionals. There are 3 types of DSLR cameras that are commonly found on the market. These types of cameras can be distinguished from low end camera types, semi pro, to professional level. The types can be used as consideration in choosing one of them. Particularly for the beginners, there are also some recommendations of the DSLR camera to consider to help you learn about photography more. Here they are.

1. Canon EOS 3000D

The camera from brand Canon can be your first step in learning photography. The camera is equipped with an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor. With the feature, it can produce sharp image quality even in low light conditions. For vlogging needs, this camera can also record a full HD resolution video at 30fps. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi connectivity can also be controlled from an android or iOS smartphone using the Canon Camera Connect app.

Canon EOS 3000D also provides some other features for its users. Some of them are 18MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor and Canon EF/EF-S Lens Mount. For a better video quality, you can also enjoy Video Full HD 1080p 30fps and Continuous Shooting 3fps. The product is also equipped with 9 focus spots for capture results that are more satisfying. For the dimension itself, this DSLR camera is sized at 129 x 102 x 77 mm and with a weight of 436 gram and 2.7 Fixed Type Screen.

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2. Nikon D3500

The second recommendation comes from the Nikon family, the Canon’s toughest competitor. The camera has a 24MP CMOS sensor with a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600. It also features an 11-point cross type autofocus system. Some other features to include are Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity for connection to smartphones via the Nikon SnapBridge app, micro-USB and mini HDMI Type-C ports. The battery is with 1,550 shots as well as the camera has a 60 FPS full-HD video recording.

The user can enjoy shooting objects continuously without problems and more comfortable with the feature of Continuously Shooting 5fps. There are also 11 focus points added to make the results more satisfying. Do you want capturing and making videos of the landscape around easier with a better result? Make sure also to use the panorama shooting mode. It is very easy to activate when you need it. For the appearance of the DSLR camera itself, it is quite compact with a dimension of 365g. 124 x 97 x 70 mm and 3 inches of a fixed type screen.

3. Canon EOS 1500D

This entry level DSLR camera is also one of Canon’s best-selling DSLR cameras that is suitable for beginners. The combination of a 24MP resolution CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 4+ image processor produces a sensitivity level. It is at ISO 100-6400 which can be increased to 12,800.  The AF system consists of 9 focus points. It is where the center point is a cross type. This DSLR camera also has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

Canon EOS 1500D also has some other features that makes capturing and video making more interesting. To support the usage of the lens, the camera features a Canon EF/EF-S Lens Mount. Besides, you can also activate and utilize Video Full HD 1080p 30fps as well as Continuous Shooting 3fps for much better video results. Enjoy also 3 Fixed Type Screen to improve your ways of capturing without doing too many attempts. In addition, this camera is quite lightweight with only 475g while the dimension 129 x 101 x 78 mm plus the presence of Wi-fi and NFC p.

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4. Canon EOS 800D

With a simple model and user interface, Canon EOS 800D is the right choice for new users who want a compact camera with professional features. The camera also has Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DAF) and a 24MP resolution DIGIC 7 processor. Those features make it the fastest autofocus in live view mode, which is only 0.03 seconds. Supports Full HD 60fps resolution video, also carries the new Movie Digital IS technology which ensures stable video recording.

The sensitivity level of the camera is improved well with the 24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor. It avoids some problems commonly happening in photography like blurring. It also features the Canon EF/EF-S Lens Mount as well as the 4K – 3840 x 2160 video resolution. You don’t need to do much effort in setting up the camera to make a better result anyway. Furthermore, the product from Canon also has the Continuous Shooting 6fps, 45 focus points, 3 Fully Articulated Screen, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and a selfie-friendly LCD screen for a better photography experience. With a dimension of 133 x 100 x 76, the camera is very compact to carry around.

5. Nikon D5600

The last recommendation is from Nikon family, it is Nikon D5600. This camera is the successor to the D5500 series anyway. Equipped with a 24MP APS-C sensor with an EXPEED 4 processor, it can be a camera that can be relied on in photography and videography for the support from a touchscreen. The touchscreen itself can be rotated by the user to make it easier to take difficult angles whether they are too low or high. This camera can also record full HD 1080P videos at 60fps.

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To improve the sensitivity of the camera, Nikon also adds the 24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor in this series. Besides, it also features a Nikon F Lens Mount to make all the photography activities with it much easier. The camera also features a Video Full HD 1080p 60fps and Continuous Shooting 5fps with 39 focus points. Additionally, enjoy some other features like the 3.2″ Fully Articulated Screen, an extension microphone port, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. The camera itself is weight at 465g and with a dimension of 124 x 97 x 70 mm.

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