Specifications of PS5 – What to Know Before You Buy

What is offered by PS5? As one of the most anticipated game consoles released this year, PS5 makes all gamers get so curious.

Being boasted to bring the next-gen gaming experience to gamers, PS5 comes with a sophisticated design and powerful performance. However, setting up this game console might be a bit tricky for some gamers especially for those with small rooms. Find out more about the specifications of PS5 on the following page.

What’s New About PS5

There are several interesting factors including it’s own spec that will make you put a PS5 into your wishlist.

1. Design of PS5

PS5 is heavyweight. It weighs about 4.5 kg. That makes this gaming console the heaviest in its class now.

With a measurement of 39 x 10.4 x 26cm, PS5, perhaps, is also the largest gaming console in the market today. This will be quite challenging to find the rightest place for the device if you don’t have a large space at home. Rethinking the current setup of your entertainment room can be a good solution to take.

Despite the bulky size of the PS5, overall, this gaming console has a nice design. It comes with a two-tone color that will easily become the center of attention of the room.

PS5 offer a bunch of features and better spec to make it run much faster on most games. But, on the other side, graphics quality is not much gives difference from the one of PS4's. It might make it harder to us to decide whether we should buy one or not
PS5, the latest game console by Sony is so alluring. Then, should we buy it?

2. Performance

When it comes to the specifications of PS5, there’s no doubt that the device is all gamers want for their needs. Being able to support 4K/120fps gameplay, this gaming console has a great performance. Not only that but the device also supports 8K/ 60.

PS5 is also completed with a new SSD. This makes it possible for the gaming console to have a faster loading time than its most competitors.

The new RDNA 2 GPU added to PS5 allows this console to optimize 4K resolution at 120 frames per second. Moreover, the device also comes with a 3.5GHz clock speed to push the octa-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU.

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3. Storage

Another thing that also becomes an issue of this gaming console is the storage capacity available. For a gaming console with such an impressive performance, PS5 is only completed with an 825GB SSD.

PS5 will provide you with usable storage with 667.2GB of capacity. This will allow you to save around 16 games. So, if you do not decide which game to install wisely, you might run out of storage fast.

However, it isn’t the end of the world since you can still use an internal hard drive and SSD. You can do it simply by plugging the devices into a USB port. But, adding an internal hard drive will lower the load times of the gaming console.

With the built-in SSD of PS5, you can still run a bunch of nice game titles at 120 frames per second. These include Devil May Cry V: Special Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and more.

4. Controller

Speaking about the controller of PS5, the console will take your gaming experience to a different level. The device uses the latest DualSense Controller system that is considered better in many ways than DualShock 4.

Unlike DualShock 4, the DualSense controller is lighter and more balanced. In this way, you will find it more comfortable to hold it for gaming for a long period of time. This is possible to happen since the most weight of the device is placed in the controller’s grips.

Not only that but the DualSense Controller of PS5 also comes with concave control sticks. What makes it more comfortable is that the outer ridge of the controller is completed with a nice textured finish. Meanwhile, the mute button of the controller can mute the headset and speakers of your TV.

The best thing about this DualSense Controller is that it has adaptive trigger buttons. They will allow you to create a wide range of sensations that imitate real-life actions by using resistance. These include pulling back a bowstring and pushing down on the pedal.

5. Features

Speaking about the specifications of PS5 will not be complete without discussing the new features added to the gaming console. One of the most interesting features offered by PS5 is the Activity Cards.

As the name suggests, the Activity Cards are meant to record all your gaming activities. They allow you to see on what game level you are, track the progress of your trophy, and more. Meanwhile, the picture-in-picture mode enables you to watch the live stream gameplay of your friends.

PS5 also uses a redesigned user interface. It will show up a different wonderful splash screen for different games. You can also directly jump from the menu to the game being played by your friend. Not only that but you can also invite other gamers to create a bigger group.

Another great thing offered by PS5 is the social features. You can use an analog stick or D-pad to type messages. Additionally, you can also use the DualSense controller’s microphone to dictate voice messages.

New features added to the PS5 also make it possible for you to pick up system-wide settings for specific aspects of the device. In this way, you can pick up the graphical mode that you want to be automatically selected for your games. In addition to the graphical mode, you can also choose the difficulty level you intend to play with PS5.

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6. Release Date and Price

PS5 was released on November 12, 2020, for gamers who live in North America, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia. It was just 2 days after the launch of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

These Xbox series are also considered the potential strong rival of PS5. However, if you live in another part of this planet, the game console was available on November 19.

Depending on the version of the PS5 you intend to buy, the price of the device varies. You need to pay about $499.99 if you want to buy the standard version of the device. This version comes with a 4K Blu-ray disk drive.

However, the price of the PS5 is slightly lower for the PS5 Digital Edition. With the absence of the disc drive, this version only costs $399.99. In other words, you can improve your gaming experience while saving up to $100.

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